Tone & Style

The Caul is in the style of classic 1970s Italian horror and european folk horror, seeped in the colorful cinematography and giallo conspiracy of filmmakers including: Argento, Bava, and Fulci.


While not necessarily set in the 1970s, there will be period details and costuming reminiscent of the period. The geographical setting is a coastal seaside town near the desert. There will be many moonlit scenes at the ocean and in the desert with the main witch, Vulnavia. The town will feel like a replica of a small Italian city.


Horror & Special Effects

The Beyond (1981)

The horror elements will be very reminiscent of the 1970s with theatrical performances, thick red blood, an exploration of folk horror and the occult, and mood and tonal approaches over jump scares.

The movie also has an animal motif. The witches travel with animal familiars and there are deaths by spider and snake bite. There are also a few classic “gross-out” scenes including a shell of Battista’s body cracking open to reveal goo, glass embedded into a foot, and (fake) cat mutilation.

Suspiria (1977)
Phantasm II (1988)